Sup beer lovers?

Here’s the lowdown..

Sup Drinks began trading in 2020 during the early days of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Proudly operating 2 bars in Edinburgh, we needed something new to keep us occupied whilst the world burned & the bars were closed! Sup, was born.

We avidly support independent small & medium producers, exclusively working with them directly to ensure they get their best price & we get the opportunity to get phenomenal product to you. Check out The Manifesto.

We specialise in carefully curating specialist boxes which takes the difficult task of choosing, out of your hands. We taste-test everything we sell & personally endorse the quality of every product and brand on our site. We wouldn’t have you choke something down we wouldn’t drink ourselves.
All products can, of course, always be bought individually & you are free to create your own box as you see fit, cos that’s your business!

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There are many places to buy your craft beer online. Some good, some less so. We think we’re good! We don’t rebadge average beers from good brewers. We don’t send you mixed boxes of what seems to be the same pretty uninteresting beer re-packaged. We don’t encourage brewers to make things that frankly wouldn’t normally be their bag, to satisfy our needs. The brewers know what to brew, they’re best at brewing what they like! Leave ‘em to it.

Quite simply, we seek out indy producers with exceptional products. We taste ‘em, we review ‘em, we pop ‘em in a box -that’s most likely been repurposed- with other sexy box buddy friends and we send ‘em your way with our blessing! #suponthis